Exercise 18. Open the brackets using the verbs in the Past Simple and Past Continuous Tense.

1.We (to be) on a school trip when the bus (to break) down. 2. He (not to look) at him while he (to speak). 3. Beth and Ann (to wave) their hands in the direction of the ship which (to disappear) a minute ago. 4. When I (to see) my granny, she (to sit) in the arm-chair and (to catch) the sun's early morning rays. 5. She (to sing) a song while she (to go) to school. 6. He (to try) to open the door when we (to see) him in corridor. 7. It (to be) yesterday when she (to have) the most brilliant idea. 8. What you (to think) about when I (to ask) you a question? 9. He (to stare) up at the ceiling, when I (to enter) her room.

Exercise 19. Rewrite the text changing the verbs into the Past Simple Tense.

The weather is bad. There is no sun in the sky. Beth wakes up late in the morning. She doesn't want to leave the bed. She stays in her bed for some time. But Beth is hungry. She wants something to eat. She makes herself to get up, and goes to the bathroom. She washes and cleans her teeth. Beth goes to the kitchen and has her breakfast. After breakfast she thinks how to spend her day. Suddenly the telephone rings. Her friend Tom phones. Tom says he has two tickets to the theatre and he invites her to go and see the play. Beth thanks him and agrees to go to the theatre. The play begins at twelve. She has only two hours to dress and to get to the theatre. Beth doesn't know what to put on in such a bad weather. She thinks for some minutes and chooses her beautiful dress! The weather is bad but she is in a good mood.