Exercise 26. Open the brackets using the verbs either in the Present Continuous or in the Present Indefinite tense. Mind the word order in questions.

Exercise 25. Open the brackets using either the Present Continuous Tense or the Present indefinite Tense.

Exercise 24. Translate the sentences into English using the verbs in the Present Continuous Tense.

Exercise 23. Open the brackets using the verbs in the Present Continuous Tense.


1. Please be quiet. I ............................. (try) to concentrate. 2. Look! It … (snow). 3. Why …you/look) at me like that? Have I said something wrong? 4. You …(make) a lot of noise. Can you be a bit quieter? 5. Excuse me, I (look) for a phone box. Is there one near here? 6. (in the cinema) It's a good film, isn't it? (you/enjoy) it. 7. Listen! Can you hear those people next door? They … (shout) at each other again. 8. Why …(you/wear) your coat today? It's very warm. 9. I (not/work) this week. I'm on holiday.10. 10. I want to lose weight. I....................................................... (not/eat) anything today.

(NOW) 1. Я читаю. 2. Він не пише. 3. Ми не працюємо. 4. Ви читаєте? 5. Він спить? 6. Мико­ла і Михайло грають у футбол. 7. Катя грає на роялі. 8. Вона не співає. 9. Моя сестра спить. 10. Тато п'є чай? 11. Твої батьки п'ють чай? 12. Я не сплю. 13. Вона сидить за столом. 14. Ми робимо вправу. 15. Ми не купаємося. 16. Вони граються у дворі? 17. Ніна й Ганна миють підлогу. 18. Ми­кола допомагає мамі. 19. Ти допомагаєш татові? 20. Моя сестра читає цікаву книжку. 21. Вони йдуть до школи. 22. Ви йдете до школи? 23. Він працює? 24. Твоя бабуся йде в магазин? 25. Він купує цукерки. 26. Що робить твоя сестра? 27. Де граються діти? 28. Чому ти смієшся? 29. Куди вони йдуть? ЗО. Що несуть ці хлопчики? 31. Я сиджу в парку на лаві і годую птахів. 32. Мама сидить на дивані у вітальні і дивиться телевізор. 33. Це фотографія моїх друзів. Том грає на гіта­рі, а Джейн співає. 34. А тут вони танцюють на моєму дні народження.


1. My elder sister (to have) a music lesson. She always (to have) a music lesson on Friday. 2. Who (to sing) in the next room? 3. Father (to read) a newspaper. He usually (to read) something before going to bed. 4. Mother (to cook) breakfast in the kitchen. She always (to cook) in the morning. 5. Who you (to wait) for? – I (to wait) for Ann, we must leave in ten minutes. 6. It often (to rain) in autumn. 7. (not to go out), it (to rain) cats and dogs. 8. You (to understand) the use of Present Indefinite quite well? 9. What you (to write)? You (to make) notes about the book? 10. Why you (to smile) Kitty? 11. I often (to meet) you at the corner of this street. You (to wait) anybody? 12. You usually (to go through) the park? – Not usually. It’s only today that I (to go) here. 13. You (to hear) anything? – Yes, somebody (to knock) at the door. 14. They still (to discuss) where to go now.


1. Не (to work) in the centre of Chicago. 2. He (to work) in the centre of Chicago? 3. He (not to work) in the centre of Chicago. 4. They (to read) many books. 5. They (to read) many books? 6. They (not to read) many books. 7. The children (to eat) soup now. 8. The children (to eat) soup now? 9. The children (not to eat) soup now. 10. You (to play) volleyball well? 11.When you (to play) volleyball? 12. What Nick (to do) in the evening? 13. He (to go) to the cinema in the evening? 14. We (not to dance) every day. 15. Look! Kate (to dance). 16.Kate (to sing) well? 17.Where he (to go) in the morning? 18. He (not to sleep) after dinner. 19. My granny (to sleep) after dinner. 20. When you (to sleep)? 21. Nina (not to sleep) now. 22. Where John (to live)? — He (to live) in England. 23. My friends from Switzerland (to speak) four languages. 24. Elvira (to speak) English, German and French? — Yes, she .... 25. She only (not to, speak) Italian.