To preserve,

safeguard - охороняти

property - власність

defence - захист

sa­cred - священний

military - військовий

weapons -зброя

tax - податок

amount - кількість

determined - визначений

damage - наносити шкоду

environment - оточення

heritage - спадщина


2. Read and translate the text:

Citizens of Ukraine have many rights. The Constitution guarantees the rights to life, non-interference in private and family life, personal inviolability and the inviolability of dwelling, work, rest, education, social security, housing, health protection, medical care and medical insurance, a safe and healthy environment.

They have right to work, to choose their trade, profession or type of job, and to work in accordance with their abilities, training, and education. The students receivestipends while they study. Women and men have equal rights in all spheres of economic, government, cultural and political activities.

We have duties as well, as rights, though. Citizen of Ukraine are obliged to observe our laws, to observe labour discipline, and to preserve and protect property. Citizen of Ukraine are obliged to safeguard the interests of independent Ukraine. Defence of Ukraine is the sa­cred duty of every citizen. Every young man at age of eighteen must join the army, for a year. There they are taught to defend themselves and to defend their country with militaryweapons. After leaving the army young men return to civilian life. The students of higher educational establishments do not serve in the army.

Citizens of Ukraine must respect the state symbols of the country. Every person must pay taxes in the order and amountdetermined by law. No person may damage the environment and cultural heritage.


3. Answer the question:

1. What does our Constitution guarantee?

2. Women and men have equal rights, don`t they?

3. What do students receive while they study?

4. What is the sa­cred duty of every citizen?

5. What must every young man do at age of eighteen?

6. Do the students of higher educational establishments serve in the army?

7. What are the other duties of Ukrainian Citizens?


4. Give the English equivalents:

ü громадяни України

ü невтручання в сімейне життя

ü особиста недоторканність

ü працювати відповідно до освіти

ü рівні права в усіх сферах життя

ü охороняти власність

ü військова зброя

ü вищий освітній заклад

ü наносити шкоду культурній спадщині


5. Use the adjectives and write comparisons:

ü large, cheap, expensive, slow

ü young, old, strong, careless

ü sweet, sour, useful, cold

ü small, big, heavy, light

ü fast, dangerous, clever



6. Put the adjectives in brackets into the correct degree: