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Unit 1




The process of modern society demands new abilities and practical skills of the future specialists.They should fit the Europien standards and be competitive among Europien employees.

The purpose of studying English by students of technical specialities is the development of speech habits for their future professional needs.

Before studying the course of technical English students of the educational institutions of the I-II degrees of accreditation should master the intermediate course of English.

It is important to learn English carefully during this period because this knowledge will form the basis for the next courses.

It is useful to think of mastering a language in terms of four related skills:two passive and two active.These are the skills of listening with understanding, to tell the language,that of reading it with understanding, and the active skills of self-expression through the spoken and written word. Because of this it is necessary to have ample practice in listening to the language, in reading the language and in practicing.

Learning language is not a matter of acquiring a set of rules and building up a large vocabulary.The student`s mastery of language is ultimately measured by how well he can use it, not by how much he knows it. A student who has learnt a lot of grammar but who can not use a language is in the position of a pianist who has learned a lot about harmony but cannot play piano.The student`s command of a language will therefore be judged not by how much he knows, but how well he can perform in public.

This text-book includes a selection of texts with dialoques, grammatical and lexical exercises which are aimed to develop the necessary skills and habits while learning English and prepairing for studying a professional course of English.


1. About myself... 3

2. My Family... 5

3. My friend`s appearance and personality7

4. Rights and Duties of Ukrainian Citizens .11

5. Sport in Our Life. 14

6. Olympic Games... 16

7. My Hobby18

8. Education in Ukraine... 21

9. Education Abroad.23

10. My College...26

11. Prestige Professions in Ukraine and Abroad...29

12. Applying for job.. 33

13. The Career Ladder.. 37

14. Cultural Life and Traditions in Ukraine..... .41

15. Festivals and Celebrations in Ukraine 43

16. Customs and Traditionsa in Ukraine.. 47

17. Television: Benefits and Danger.....50

18. My favourite TV programme..56

19. Newspapers and Magazines58

20. Seasons and Weather.. 62

21. Nature Cataclisms66

22. Environmental Protection70

Texts for supplementary reading72



About myself

1. Learn new words and word-combinations:

slender -


fair-haired -

hazle -

the only child -

lawyer -

retired -

gardening -


xciting -


to surf the Net -

to communicate-



2. Read and translate the text:

Let me introduce myself. My name is (Igor). Im sixteen years old. Im the 1st year student. I study at the Vinnitsia College of the National University of Food Technologies. Im tall(not very tall), slender, dark-haired (fair-haired) boy(girl) with blue(green,hazle,grey) eyes.

I live in Vinnitsya. I have a brother and a sister(I am the only child in my family). My elder brother Sergey is twenty, he studies at the Kiev National University, and he will be a lawyer. My younger sister Olga is ten, she studies at school. My Mum is forty-two, she is a Spanish teacher(). My Dad is forty-five, he is a computer programmer().

My grandparents are already retired. My Grandma likes gardening, and Grandpa likes fishing. They live in our city(village) and visit us at weekends(we visit them at weekends) .

I have many friends. We spend a lot of time together. We play football, volleyball, basketball. In summer we like swimming in rivers and lakes.

Besides college, I go in for sports. I play tennis(basketball,volleyball,football). Its an exciting game, and I like it very much. Sometimes I take part in different tennis (basketball,volleyball,football) competitions.

I like computer games, I like to surf the Net, to communicate with people in different social nets and forums. Also I try to be a good student to become a good specialist in future.


3. Answer the questions (work in pairs):

1. How old are you?

2. Where do you live?

3. Where do you study?

4. Is your family small or large?

5. Where do your grandparents live?

6. What is your hobby?

4. Put the right words in the following word-combinations:

me introduce myself,

to spend .. of time,

to go sports,

to take part ..competitions.

5. Rewrite the sentences changing the possessive pronouns as in the example:

Example: This is my house. - This house is mine.

1.This is his T-shirt.

2.This is my computer.

3.This is her book.

4.It is our school.


6. Answer the questions in two ways. Follow the example:

Model: Whose trousers are these? (My, mine) -1.These are my trousers.

-2.These trousers are mine.

1. Whose book is this? (Her, hers.)

2. Whose car is this? (His.)

3. Whose business is this? (Our, ours.)

4. Is this my hat? (Your, yours.)

5. Whose clothes are these? (Their, theirs.)

6. Is this your sister (My, mine.)


7. Form the plural of the nouns:

A toy ,a pet, a name, a page, a size, a ship, a case, a bush, a peach, a fox, a tomato, a fly, a day, a donkey, a wolf, a woman, a sheep.


8. Speak about yourself.