Task 1. Read the text and fill in the table.

We love watching films (= movies in American English) either on TV, on DVD, downloaded onto our PCs or at the cinema.

What sort of films do you enjoy? Youve got a lot of genres to choose from: westerns (set in the American Wild West) or spaghetti westerns (those filmed in Italy) to action films (fights, car chases etc.), adventure, travelogues (accounts of travels), animated (cartoons), or horror(lots of blood or ghostly visits). Perhaps you prefer comedy (or romcom romantic comedy) or dramas. Sometimes these are epics (long, historical dramas), adaptations (adapted either from a previous film or from a book or play), sequels (films following the events in the well-known film) or prequels (films preceding the events in the well-known film). What about thrillers (or suspense), or musicals (with song and dance) and science fiction (set in a futuristic world)? Or maybe you prefer the old black and white films, or the classics.

In a celebrity-obsessed world, actors are as famous as politicians (maybe even more so). We like to see our favourite actors playing a character even a minor character in films, whether these are in lead roles (=main roles), or supporting roles (not main roles). Every year, the Oscars gives awards to lead actors and supporting actors, but never to the extras (the actors who play people in a crowd, often without a speaking part). We like reading the film credits, firstly to see whos in the cast (everyone who acted in the film) and if theres a cameo a special appearance by a famous actor whos only in the film for a couple of minutes.

Then we like to see who the director or producer is, the screenwriter who wrote the screenplay (the script that the actors speak) and the composer, who composed the soundtrack (the music background in the film). Well read film reviews to find out more about the plot (or storyline) and how good the lighting, cinematography (art of shooting the film) or costumes are. We might even watch a trailer (short extract from the film) to see the special effects.


Film Genres ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________  
Actors / The Cast ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________  
People Making the Film ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________  
What We Need to Shoot the Film ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________  
Other Important Words ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________  

Task 2. Compare the most popular film genres by filling in the table with the italicized words. Add your example of each genre to the table.

Moving, slow, violent, dull, hilarious, humorous, gripping, frightening, thrilling, light-hearted, sentimental, scary, boring, action-packed, funny, cliché, charming, bloody, brutal, sensitive, intriguing.

Kind of Film Positive Features Negative Features Example
I find/consider to have both positive and negative features. In my view As I see it it may be However On the other hand Opponents of say For instance In particular is
Horror Films/Thrillers _____________________ _____________________   _____________________ _____________________   _____________________ _____________________  
Comedy _____________________ _____________________   _____________________ _____________________   _____________________ _____________________  
Romance/Drama _____________________ _____________________   _____________________ _____________________   _____________________ _____________________  
Musical _____________________ _____________________   _____________________ _____________________   _____________________ _____________________  
Adventure/Travelogue _____________________ _____________________   _____________________ _____________________   _____________________ _____________________  

Task 3. Choose and review the film using the tables.

Genre This film is
Short Description It is about who
Cast The actors starring in the film are The supporting roles are played by There is a/no cameo appearance of
Setting (Time/Place) The film is set in It takes place in
Plot The opening scene of the film shows At the beginning but then/later meanwhile Eventually In the closing scene we can see
Special Details What strikes me about the first picture is the fact that The film reminds me of
General Impression of the Film Its my belief / As I see it the film I am convinced that


Positive Neutral Negative
first-rate second-rate third-rate
charming, charismatic, enjoyable ordinary boring, tiresome, weak
fast-moving predictable static, uninteresting
original, intriguing, thought-provoking usual, casual plot outdated, cliché-ridden
Out of common! Its the film not to be missed! A great viewing for the family. Youll be thrilled with it! It will have you on the edge of your seat! Im in two minds about it. Im ambivalent about... Its not my cup of tea. Im not keen on this film genre.

Task 4. Read the text. Fill in the gap (18) with one suitable word.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Movie Review

(adapted from Rebecca Murray, Guide)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 is, as expected, the darkest film of the lot by far. In fact, the settings so bleak its almost as (1) _______________ our favourite now-nearly-adult wizards have survived the apocalypse and are fighting against all odds to stay alive in a suddenly completely inhospitable world (think The Road, The Book of Eli) And, in a way, they are. Voldemort and his Death Eaters have taken over and the fun days of learning spells, working (2) _______________ wands, playing Quidditch, and hanging (3) _______________ with their Hogwarts schoolmates are just fond memories. Harry, Hermione, and Ron are on a mission to destroy Horcruxes and save not only the wizarding world but innocent muggles in this next to last edition of the blockbuster Harry Potter franchise.

The Bottom Line. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 has its share of action sequences, and returning director David Yates uses everything at his disposal (4) _______________ make the scenes as seat-grippingly suspenseful as possible. But what sells this film isnt the occasional battle, its as previously mentioned the emotional connection we have with the main characters and investment weve made (5) _______________ following Harry, Hermione, and Rons journey over the years.

The title, Deathly Hallows, just sounds foreboding and the feeling of impending doom looms large over the entire two hours and 27 minutes running time. That said, there are some incredibly funny bits thrown in here and there to lighten the mood, mostly delivered with crackerjack timing by Grint as the ever dependable Ron Weasley. Grints got a real future in comedies, if thats the direction he chooses to go.

The film concentrates (6) _______________ the three teen wizards, with most of the outside news coming through dream sequences, radio broadcasts, and newspaper headlines that flash by quickly onscreen. As with the book, Deathly Hallows narrows the focus of the story to Harrys preparation for his fight to the death with Voldemort. And director Yates and returning screenwriter Steve Kloves (7) _______________ very few false steps (the pacings a bit sluggish about three-quarters of the way in) as they prepare audiences for the final showdown in Part 2 (hitting cinemas next July). But as far as being faithful to Rowlings vision, Yates and Kloves are entirely respectful of her work and of the millions of Harry Potter fans whove been waiting anxiously for the film adaptations to bring Harry Potter to a close.

A slight word of warning for parents of young Harry Potter fans: there are a few more mature moments (in particular one scene involving an intimate moment between two of the main characters in which theres a fair amount of skin shown) and there are, as there have been in the past, deaths of characters weve come to love. Keep that (8) _______________ mind when deciding if the seventh film is appropriate for younger viewers. However, if theyve read the books, then theres nothing that should be too shocking in the film.

Grade: A. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was directed by David Yates and is rated PG-13 for some sequences of intense action violence, frightening images and brief sensuality.

Task 5. Your school newspapers editor has asked you to review the last film you watched. On a separate sheet of paper write an article that focuses on:

the genre of the film;

the setting, the plot and the characters;

special details of the film;

general impression.