Task 1. Read the text and fill in the table to compare the legal holidays in Ukraine, the USA and the UK.

When people work a lot they want to have a good rest. Holidays (holy days) are the days free from work, usually these are special days for the commemoration of an important event. Holidays are often accompanied by public ceremonies, such as parades and carnivals, and by religious observances; they may also be simply a time for relaxation. Days of commemoration are observed throughout the world. The famous observations and commemorations are Bastille Day in France, Victory Day in Russia, and the New Year in China.

National holidays (public or legal holidays) are proclaimed by the central government and observed throughout a country. On legal holidays banks and schools are closed and business transactions are restricted. In Ukraine the legal holidays are New Years Day (January 1), Orthodox Christmas (January 7), International Womens Day (March 8), Orthodox Easter, Holy Trinity Day (Triytsya) Orthodox Pentecost, Labour Days (May 12), Victory Day (Memorial Day in Lviv Oblast) (May 9), Constitution Day (June 28), Independence Day (August 24).

In the USA the legal national holidays are New Years Day (January 1), Presidents Day (a combined observance of George Washingtons and Abraham Lincolns birthdays that occurs near the date of Washingtons birthday), the Fourth of July (Independence Day), Labour Day (the first Monday in September), Veterans Day (November 11), Thanksgiving Day (the fourth Thursday in November), and Christmas Day (December 25).

There are fewer public holidays in Great Britain than in other European countries. They are: Christmas Day (December 25), Boxing Day (December 26), New Years Day (January 1), Good Friday (before Easter), Easter Monday, May Day (May 1), Spring Bank Holiday (last Monday in May) and Summer Bank Holiday (last Monday in August). Public holidays in Britain are called bank holidays, because the banks as well as most of the offices and shops are closed.


Type of Holiday Ukraine The USA The UK
Holidays connected with countrys history. Independence Day    
Holidays connected with calendar. New Years Day   Spring Bank Holiday, Summer Bank Holiday
Religious observations.        
Holidays unique for this country only.      

Task 2. Explain the meaning of the holiday vocabulary and give the examples.

Celebration of a date may include: For example:
observations and commemorations  

Task 3. Fill in the table with the italicized words. Talk about the parties using the table.

Christmas, Easter, Birthday party, Guy Fawkes Night, St. Valentines Day, Halloween.

  Party Its traditionally for to There is a common trend in to
  birthday cake, candles, to send invitations, to give/receive a present, to give flowers, to play party games
  to make Jack-o-lantern out of a pumpkin, to dress up, to wear a costume, to wear a mask/wig, to have your face painted, to trick-or-treat, to play apple-on-a-string game
  to send an anonymous card to smb. with kisses (XXX), to decorate a card with love hearts, to buy and give flowers, to have a romantic dinner
  to spend Christmas eve with a family, Santa Claus, presents, stockings, holy, Christmas decorations, Christmas turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas cards, crackers
    to make a guy, to have a bonfire party, to set off fireworks
    chocolate Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, chickens, hot cross buns, egg-hunt

Task 4. Buying a Present. You are going to a party. Make a suggestion on what presents you might and might not buy using the table and the Key Language.

  Positive Points Negative Points
Watch Elegant, something you may keep as a reminder, practical. Good quality might be expensive, might not need one, connected with superstitions.
Camera Useful, creative, can give a lot of pleasure, take lots of photos, better quality pictures than mobile phone camera. Expensive to buy, might be more useful for teenagers or people enjoying active time, some people prefer mobile phone cameras.
Box of Chocolates Appropriate for celebrations, always everyone likes chocolate. Not a lasting reminder, flattering for dieters.
Puppy/Kitten Adorable, good companion, lots of fun, gives you a sense of responsibility. Needs lots of looking after, time-consuming, have to take it for walks.
Clothes/Footwear Practical, always useful, may be fashionable. Too ordinary for a present, difficult to guess the wish, might not like the style.
CD/DVD Good add to the collection, useful for leisure time. Might not suit musical taste, might already have them, prefer to download everything from the Internet.
Perfume Feminine or masculine, a popular gift, always useful. Matter of personal choice, not a lasting reminder.
Picture/ Photograph in the Frame A good lasting memory, may remind of pleasant life moments. May not match the style of the apartment, there may be no place for it in the room.
Present Certificate of the Shop May buy what you want at any time in the favourite shop. May not know the favourite shop, the shop may not have interesting things to buy, may not be a lasting memory.
Your Own Present        

Key Language

Why dont we buy? That would mean

I think we should opt for as

This will be a good idea because

The best choice would be Then she could

It will be the bad choice because

Task 5. On a separate sheet of paper write a letter to your friend describing the party you visited using the table.

Time Events
Much before the party prior to the actual event we were looking forward to preparations began (a week/a month) in advance were invited/invitations were sent to
On the day of the party on the actual day before the guests arrived we got everything arranged for the party we were coping with party anxiety
When the party started heard a ring at the door presented hostess with flowers exchanged greetings, handshakes, kisses, compliments helped the guests with their coats tidies ones hair, put lipstick on, made oneself home
During the party the proper mood was set by (music, decorations, people) started the conversation going discussed studies, politicks, the latest news, fashion, music books made the conversation common got on ones hobby-horse laughed to ones heart content poured out tea/coffee. to bring refreshments to enjoy oneself / to have fun background music was played to enliven the atmosphere to pay smb. a compliment to return a compliment to smb.
After the party: Positive impressions to be a real success the music was a real treat we larged it up we burned the dance floor we danced the night away
After the party: Negative impressions the party was a flop/frost it was a real failure poured the cold water on played the baby played the fool