Friends and Acquaintances

Task 1. How do you prefer to spend your life? Express your ideas about being alone or having friends using the table and the Key Language.

  Pros Cons
Being Alone Pursue your own interests; not to be caught up in other peoples problems; learn to enjoy your own company; less restrictions (able to do what you like). Become bored and restless; cannot interact with others; loss of self-esteem; feel isolated; become anti-social.
Surrounded by Friends Share the thoughts/problems/feelings with others; receive help and support in difficult times; always have a busy social life; cheer you up when you feel unhappy. Expectations of others can be demanding at times; receive unwanted criticism; hard to find time to do personal things; upsetting when a person lets you down/betrays your trust.
Dating Somebody Have only eyes for somebody, fall head over heels in love with; to be inseparable; to be a well-matched couple. Relationship may have its ups and downs (bumpy relationship); love may turn sour (become bad); people can break down/split because of genuine misunderstanding.

Key Language

Firstly/First of all

Secondly/In addition

Then there is/The fact is that/Another thing that


Task 2. Read the text and fill in the table.

types of friends

Different people have different tastes and temperaments and make different types of friends. They tend to bond with some and stay away from the others. It is rightly said that A friend to all is a friend to none. We meet new people day in day out but, we tend to be friends with only those who share some similar traits or attitudes. Its true that birds of a feather flock together we are attracted to the people, who have a similar focus in their lives. With time and growing trust, some people get really close to each other and remain true friends. They stand up for each other in times of need and provide full support when you lose confidence in yourself.

However, every friend is not the same type. Some friends are patient and helpful while some friends are cheerful and caring.

Childhood friends are the friends, who are stay in touch with you since early days in life. They may also be old friends, with whom you go back for years. Such people may have different jobs and interests in life, but you are united with the same past and reminiscences about it.

A trusted friend is a person, whom you can rely on. A trusted friend is often a man (woman) after your heart they think and do the same as you. Trusted friends make a circle of friends. One from the circle may be your best friend or soul mate. Your trusted friends may be also called bosom friends, buddies or pals.

Mates are the people you communicate with in certain situations. They may be classmates, workmates, group mates, flat mates, etc.

Internet Friends. With increasing Internet usage, the trend of Internet friendship has also become popular. Online friends are those people who have known each other through the Internet. Making Internet friends is similar to making pen pals. Pen friend, also known popularly as Pen Pals is quite a popular way to make new friends. Mostly, pen friendship aims at learning other cultures, different lifestyles and to even get rid of loneliness.

Animal Friends. It has been rightly said, Animals are such wonderful creatures, as they ask no questions. Humans and animals have been known to have a special bond with each other since times immemorial. Somebody has said that A dog is a mans best friend. The relation that we share with animals is a very warm and protective one.


Types of Friends Other Names Type of Relationship
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Task 3. Read the text. Match choices (AG) to (15). There are two choices you do not need to use.

Friendship Day Celebrations

1 _____________________________

Friendship Day calls for wonderful celebrations as it is a perfect occasion to let your friends know how special they are and how cherished is your friendship. It is celebrated all over the world. Its celebration started in 1935 and gradually acquired popularity. Today we also have a friendship ambassador Winnie the Pooh. Friendship Day is not only a day dedicated to your friends, but also a day to let yourself loose and feel carefree. So, no matter how busy you are, take out time from your schedule to spend time with your friends. In case you are thinking of how to celebrate Friendships Day, you will find many Friendship Day celebration ideas given below.

2 _____________________________

Take your friends along and plan a camping trip. Explore the outdoors with your friends and you can do a plenty of activities like have a bonfire, go trekking, etc. Camping out in the open environment will make sure you have plenty of time in hand and have fun exploring new things together. If you are a working man now, this would certainly be a great stress buster to have carefree adventure with your friends.

3 _____________________________

It is the time to celebrate and show everyone how special is your friend. Organize a party for the sake of friendship and splurge upon everything; right from the invitations to the decor to the party favourites. Raise a toast for your friendship and prepare everything that your friends like. Do not forget to make two photo-collage of this party, keep one with you and gift the other to him/her. Your friends will never forget this party for a lifetime!

4 _____________________________

What better way to celebrate Friendship Day than watching a nice movie together with friends. If there is a good movie playing in the cinema, you can go there with your friends and also have lunch or dinner outside. If not, then you can get some cute movie DVDs on friendship and watch it at the comfort of your home. If you are planning it at home, also try to create a cinema atmosphere. Arrange popcorns and coke and have a carefree celebration!

5 _____________________________

Has it been too long that you have not seen your friends? Have you been too busy with your professional life lately? Friendship Day is the best time to rejuvenate you then. Call your friends over and go through your albums. Take a walk down the nostalgic lane and recollect fond memories like your first fights, amusing sleepovers, your first movie together, crushes, etc.


A Organize a Friendship Day Party

B What Friendship Day Is?

C Recollect Old Memories

D Why People Become Friends

E Camping Out

F Catch Up on a Movie

G Friendship Is Better than Love