Глагол to have со значением иметь

                       Глагол «to have» со значением «иметь».

                                                 Present Indefinite

                              1.Утвердительная форма.
you              1. Have a car.
we                                                        She        1. Has
a car.
they             2. Have got a car.
                It           2. Has got a car.

                            2. Отрицательная форма (4 варианта).
I               1. Do not have a car.
                He          1. Does not have a car
You         2. Have not a(any) car.
           She         2. Has not a(any) car.
We           3. Have no car.
It            3. Has no car.
They        4. Have not got a(any) car.
                       4. Has not got a(any) car.

                                    3. Общий вопрос (3 варианта).
1. Do               I               1. Have a(any) car?
            1. Does               1. Have a(any) car?
2. Have           We            2. A(any) car?                      2. Has
      She    2. A(any) car?                               They
3. Have                            3. Got a(any) car?
            3. Has                 3. Got a(any) car?

                                     Past Indefinite and Future Indefinite

Утвердительная форма.
                    I                   shall/will have a car.
You                                            We
He                                             You
She                  had a car.
It                                      She             will have a car.
We                                      It
They                                    They

                                               2. Oтрицательная форма.

I                                            I                shall/will
not have a(any) car.
You                                     We
He          1. Did you have a(any) car.      You
She         2. Had not a(any) car.                 He
It          3. Had no car.                            She           will
not have a(any) car.
We                                      It
They                                    They

Общий вопрос.
1. Did           I                                                    I
                    You              1. Have a(any) car?
Shall will     We    have a(any) car?
                    She                                              He
                    It             2. A(any) car?
             Will      She       have a(any) car?
2. Had         They                                      They