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Текст реферата Политическая система государства

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considered to be a parliamentary monarchy.
The Queen is the personification of the U.K. By law, she is the head
of the executive branch, an integral part of the legislature, the head
of the judiciary, the commanderinchief of all armed forces of the
Crown and the temporal head of the established Church of England. But
in practice, as a result of a long evolutionary process, these powers
have changed. Today, the queen acts only on the advice of her
Ministers which she cannot constitutionally ignore. In fact she reigns
but she doesn’ t rule.
However, the monarchy has a good deal more power than is commonly
supposed. There remain certain discretionary powers in the hands of
the monarch, known as the Royal Prerogative.
2. The Ukrainian and the British Parliaments have at least four
similar functions:
a) to work out legislation, including the creation of a budget;
b) to control the government;
c) to represent and respond to public opinion;
d) to influence actively the people by acquainting them openly with
the facts, concerning the accepted desisions.
The difference lies in the electoral systems and the rules for
recalling the government.
But there is also one more remarkable peculiarity of the Ukrainian
Parliament: the political history of Ukraine does not know any potent
legislative bodies (we can hardly take into account the experience of
the Soviet Congress ).
3. Both Ukraine and Britain are countries with the representative
democracy (which means that the people delegate power to the bodies,
which act on their behalf).
The difference is, that Britain has a parliamentary form of
government, and Ukraine, in its turn, has a socalled
“semipresidential” form. The main distinctions of this forms
are shown in the table, given below.
The British parliamentary form The Ukrainian
“semipesidential” form
1. The election solves two
On one hand, the forming of the Parliament. And on the other hand,
the creation of the Government and different coalitions. 1. The
election solves just one question:
Either the problem of forming the Parliament or the creation of the
Government. 2. The Government is formed only by the Parliament. 2. The
Government is formed by both the President and the Parliament. 3. The
executive Power is separated. 3. The executive Power is not separated.

4. Unlike Britain, Ukraine has different bodies of legislative and
executive power, and one body doesn’ t interfere with the
activity of the other.
5. The negative features of the British system may seem to be too
much power in the hands of Prime Minister and rather uncontrolled
local government.
Having compared two political systems, I have come to the conclusion
that the form and the level of development of the systems are
influenced greatly by the history of the State. The second factor is
that of evaluationary progress, which usually improves the existing
order and makes it more democratic.
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