Гендерные особенности языка рекламы (на английском)

Вид работы и учебная дисциплина

Готовая дипломная работа по дисциплине Менеджмент и маркетинг


Chapter 1. The theoretical aspects of using gender peculiarities in the Advertising Language
1.1. The researches of advertising-related gender issues
1.2. Image of men and women in advertising
1.3. Analysis of the peculiarities of male and female advertisement
Chapter 2. The Analysis of the stylistics peculiarities of gender in the Language of Advertisement
2.1. Language of Advertising
2.2. Gender and language
2.3. Gender Issues in Advertising Language
2.4. The Gender Stylistics in the Language of Advertisement


The actuallity of the paper is caused by the fact that there are various stylistic devices in language of mass-media and, especially in advertising language. At the
same time this is not only linguistic, but also sociological, cultural phenomenon reflecting the processes in a society and in consciousness of the native speaker.
The cultural content of advertising, its language and its connection with gender issues are deeply rooted in our society. In the contemporary world, the universal
presence of advertising is increasingly influencing people’s daily life; it affects their worldviews, knowledge, motivations, experience, expectations and sense
of identity. In particular, language and gender are significant issues that remain widely controversial in the domain of advertising.
In advertising language we see the changes of the natural order of the language: advertisement keeps in view socio-economic background, psycho-social...

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