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1. Перевести текст с английского языка на русский.
2. Составить 10 вопросов к тексту.


Текст: No one has had more influence on managers in the twentieth century than Frederick W.Taylor, an American engineer. He set a pattern for industrial work, which many others have followed, and although his approach to management has been criticized; his ideas are still of practical importance.
Taylor founded the School of Scientific Management just before 1914 — 1918 War. He argued that work should be studied and analyzed systematically. The operations required to perform a particular job could be identified, then arranged in a logical sequence.
After this was done, a worker's productivity would increase, and so would his/her wages. The new method was scientific. The way of doing a job would no longer be determined by guesswork rule-or-thumb practices.
Instead, management would work out scientifically the method for producing the best results. If the worker followed the prescribed approach, his/her output would increase.
When Taylor started work at the...

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