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Готовая контрольная работа по дисциплине Английский язык


1. Перевести текст с английского языка на русский.
2. Составить 10 вопросов к тексту.
3.Список использованной литературы.


The success or failure of a hotel's marketing and sales program starts with top management, and a marketing-oriented general manager is the key to a property's sales efforts.
In small to medium-size properties, the general manager may take on the responsibilities of advertising and public relations to enable the sales manager to devote his or her time to selling.
The general manager may also make personal sales calls outside the office on high priority business, and spend a half hour a day at the front desk during check-out thanking guests for their business.
The degree to which the general manager becomes involved depends on the size of the property and the sales staff, but many general managers assist the sales staff (especially with difficult or key accounts).
While a general manager's involvement and duties will vary, there are five basic areas that all general managers should be concerned with:
1. Directing...

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